Market Port Budapest

The shop that takes back our guests to the past with every bite.

Market Port Budapest

The shop that takes back our guests to the past with every bite.

Market Port Budapest

The shop that takes back our guests to the past with every bite.

Market Port Budapest

The shop that takes back our guests to the past with every bite.

Market Port Budapest

The shop that takes back our guests to the past with every bite.

Market Port – the philosophy

Our goal is to evoke the old market boats with the products and the food which you can taste during shopping.

The shop that takes back our guests to the past with every bite. 

The products, which are from craftsmen producers from the countryside, have been transported to Budapest – just like how they were with the market boat routes. This way, we can have a taste of the countryside without leaving Budapest. These products can be used at home or function as a nice gift.

We hope that these types of attractions can contribute to the popularity of Budapest and cruising and can make the city and the tourists satisfied.

See you at the Chain Bridge, Vigado pier 2, every day! 

Tastes of the countryside on the Kossuth Museum boat

The Kossuth Museum boat was a relevant determinative of public transport boats in its active years. Today is in its final harbor at the Chain Bridge not traveling any more, but waiting travellers to visit the museum it offers as part of the Budapest Boat Museum.

The “Kossuth” boat was once functioning as a ’market boat’ between Mohács-Budapest and Esztergom-Budapest, bringing merchandise to Budapest from the countriside.

On these routes, producers from the countryside were travelling to Budapest with their products to sell those on the market. They were transporting animals, fruits and vegetables. As the supply chain developed, these routes became rarer and passengers started to go on trips by the boats rather than using them for merchant reasons.

The producers of Market Port:


In our fruit manufactory we only use our own fruits and vegetables to produce crafts food by traditional methods.


The Csúzi family started viniculture and making wine 5 generations ago on Strázsa mountain. In the beginning their field was only big enough to satisfy the consumption of the family. By now, it has developed into a huge family business therefore forming the Csúzi Family Winery.


The Harrer Confectionary and Chocolate Workshop uses outstandingly high quality commodities all the time. We pay attention to choosing the cocoa beans, where they come from and how they are being processed.


We, at the Nektária Manufactory created our completely unique production line with creativity and passion. We cross the traditional and the newest production technologies with all the qualities of the fruits.


Amongst our products you can find acacia, linden and chestnut honey, honey snacks (with walnut, seeds and cinnamon) and special apiary products such as pollen, honey-comb and handmade beeswax candles.

Batha Porta

Our goal at Batha Porta is to keep the tradition of pumpkin seed oil production for our children and to share its positive features with our customers. Pumpkin seed oil is a dark brown, aromatic and quite sticky liquid which has an outstanding physiological effect.


Our goal at ParikaMolnár Kft. is to offer our products for the customers in the best quality for the best price possible. In our factories we produce sweet and spicy paprika grist, smoked paprika, chili flakes and spice mixes.


We live and farm at Bánd in Veszprém county. As we are following the practice of organic farming and we would like to promote valuable plants which have been forgotten, we are growing different plants: pumpkin, oat, millet, etc.


I decided that I would enter the market with my home made jams, syrups, compotes and other delicacies. For conserving my products I do not use preservatives, artificial additives, colourants or aromas because it is natural for me this way.


Tibor Vrancsik has moved from Budapest to Somogyegres in 2010 and switched from information technology to Erdőkert. Since then, he has been collecting forest mushrooms and truffles as a professional inspector


Our viewpoint is based on the branded products with outstanding quality, the Rex Ciborum goose liver and duck liver cans, customer oriented mind-set including precise and fair delivery which is personalized for all out customers.

Lellei Konyakmeggy

The cognac sour cherry by our factory is made from premium quality commodities, therefore the end product offers an exceptional experience for its consumer. During the production we remain loyal to the guidance of Henrik Kugler and Emil Gerbeaud from 1886.

National Holiday fireworks on board

20:00 – 22:30

Welcome drink

Alcoholic or non alcoholic

3 drinks included

Mineral water, soft drinks, Hungarian hand crafted beers, local wines, coffees and teas

Finger Food

Hungarian cottage cheese with paprika, eggplant cream, sausage cream

Gourmet plate

Variaton of meat and cheese product with homemade bread and vegetable

Collection of homemade cakes

42 EUR / person


+36 30 492 3521

Kofahajó / Marketport

Kossuth Múzeumhajó



+36) 30 492 3521


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